Eartha Watts-Hicks

Love Changes 
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Urban, sensual, and spiritual, LOVE CHANGES is the story of a struggling, young mother torn between the loyalties of friends, family, and lovers. This debut novel was winner of the 2013 Just R.E.A.D. Literary “Game Changers” Award from the NYCHA Branch of the NAACP and has received a grant from The Author’s Guild.

Mia Love quits college and gets a job in order to support her live-in boyfriend, Spider, and finance his education. Spider, though ambitious, works only as an intern for a small record label. Still, Mia is anxious to marry him. When she becomes pregnant, her mother, his mother, and Romell, her handsome and flirtatious best friend, all think she has made a bad decision.

Now, Mia cares for both her newborn baby and Spider. Tethered to a low wage job to pay the bills, she’s hoping he will make a commitment. Spider, himself underemployed, remains resistant. This causes tension between the two, and matters are only made worse by family secrets, grudges, and lies. Arguments get more personal, even after Spider lands an exciting job in the music industry. Meanwhile, “good friend” Romell is offering a shoulder (and a lot more) to lean on. What ensues is a love triangle with a unique twist, two men vying for a young lady with a baby. Mia fights to salvage her relationship but pressure from family and Romell’s not-so-private attraction may be more than she can handle. Ultimately, Mia Love must discover for herself whether the path to true happiness lies in gaining the approval of others or loving God and self.

ISBN: 978-0-991-48921-3
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: May 1, 2013, Revised in February of 2014
Suggested Retail Price: $21.95
Praise for Love Changes
“Eartha Watts-Hicks has written a touching story that captures the bittersweet, often agonizing, love between generations. A beautiful first novel!”
— Valerie Wilson Wesley, author of Playing My Mother’s Blues and the Tamara Hayle Mystery Series

“Imagine my pleasure & surprise when I get to page 140 & saw me! Love Changes is wonderful, perfect for the beach! When I sit in the sun, I read.”
— Nikki Giovanni

“….Eartha Watts-Hicks puts some young women’s lives in perspective. It’s extremely well-written. Reading about the reality of what’s really happening in many young women’s lives is enlightening. Perhaps this novel can change a young woman’s path and allow her to see what a difference an education can make.”
— New York Amsterdam News

“...they were all stand alone characters that you couldn't help but fall in love with. My favorite character was Mia, by the way....”
—KelliJonee Smith (Reader via Amazon)

“Eartha Watts-Hicks’ “Love Changes” was an excellent debut novel. A story containing love, friendships, family, betrayal, lies and forgiveness, “Love Changes” connects with readers. The characters were your average everyday people. The storyline was engrossing. I highly recommend this novel!”
— Reviewed and Rated 5 Stars by LeonaR of Oosa Online Book Club

“I found myself becoming engaged with the characters; I started connecting with them, almost as if I knew them.”
— Kiera (Reader via Amazon)

“Let me tell you I have not read such a well written book by a self-published author in a long time. I’m really enjoying this book.” 
— Leona (Reader via Twitter)

“I couldn't help but read all night. Excellent read. I highly recommend you to buy the book for your friends as gift.”
— Delo (Reader via Amazon)

“This was a good debut. It was well written and was full of twist, and don’t forget the drama. It had and me not liking one person and then liking them in the next chapter.”
— Papaya Sisters on Lit

“I applaud the author on the plot and strong character development.”
— Lisa Borders (Diva’s Literary World)